Coal Pile Crusting Fugitive Dust Control

Fugitive dust control and coal washout are common problems with coal fired power plants. Many coal-fired power plants maintain substantial inventory of coal for planned and unplanned interruption of coal supply. When inventory is high, dusting can become more of a problem. Depending on weather conditions, coal fines can easily travel to neighboring residents and businesses and coat equipment, vehicles etc. When coal piles are subjected to heavy rain, large areas coal piles can be washed away out of containment areas and even into rivers and streams etc.

In order to eliminate fugitive coal dust and prevent washout, JNB has been successfully applying the proprietary crusting agent (Coal Seal 140) since 1982. JNB will provide and apply the material using an industrial hydroseeder. It is generally recommended that the material be applied quarterly to build and maintain a crust on the outer layer of coal. This crust prevents channeling areas that can facilitate washout and also fugitive dust.

  • Coal Pile Dust Control - Crusting

    • Summary of Benefits

      • Decreased loss of coal due to channeling run-off etc.
      • Decreased loss of coal due to dusting.
      • Increase in quality of relationship with neighboring businesses.

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