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A company in this business is only as good as the field representation and technical knowledge.

Effective System Solutions from Water Treatment Consultants

Your heating and cooling equipment was a sizable investment. As such, you want to do whatever is necessary to extend its life and optimize its performance. Our water treatment consultants at JNB of Newtown, Pennsylvania, provide you with advice and guidance about your heating and cooling water systems.

Our focus is water and energy conservation in addition to equipment preservation. However, we offer a variety of water-related services. Our work for pharmaceutical companies includes conducting corrosion coupon studies that help prevent corrosion. Additionally, we test the quality of the water labs used for pharmaceutical research. If we find any problems in either of these cases, we implement solutions.

Why You Need a Water Treatment Consultant

Water consultants are needed due to the lack of chemistry knowledge of many chemical and equipment suppliers. They also play a part in mediating the conflicts of interest between proper plant operation and treatment versus sales. An independent water treatment consultant will provide unbiased advice in order to make the best decisions for the company.

JNB Consultants at Your Service

We put you and your internal staff in control of your water treatment needs. This is accomplished by increasing awareness and operator knowledge of mechanical and chemical water treatment elements of responsibility through training. Let us provide you with effective industrial water treatment consulting, engineering services, and water conservation solutions in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Connecticut), and Maryland.

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Our founder and his father both have engineering degrees. After working as an energy engineer, he decided to join JNB and work with his father full time. Since 1982, we have assumed the role as an objective consultant for our clients, making sure they use the proper chemicals in the correct amount. Our goal is to make sure your industrial needs are met while helping protect the environment.


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