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High Purity Water Systems for Your Facility

Water is vital to your operation, so it makes sense to have the best equipment in your facility. JNB provides clients with knowledgeable water system design and engineering services based on their needs. If your equipment is having problems, troubleshooting is also available.

DI/WFI System Engineering, Design and System Troubleshooting

Bid Specification Development and Evaluation

JNB can work with the customer to develop bid specification needs for DI and WFI. There are many factors involved when ensuring the vendor will be bidding on the correct conceptually designed system for functionality and customer needs. Those factors include:

  • DI and WFI Water Testing, Lab Interface, and Results Assessment
  • Resistivity Monitoring
  • Low-Level TOC System Design and Installation Oversight
  • Low-Level TOC Monitoring Surveillance

JNB has found some laboratories need exceptionally low TOC water in order to avoid interference with testing and research. JNB has been able to ensure super low TOC through system retrofits and continued monthly surveillance.

Surveillance and Troubleshooting

DI and WFI water systems can be unpredictable with regard to service and quality problems that arise. JNB has extensive experience in the surveillance and troubleshooting these systems.

Design, Design Review, System Commissioning, and Validations

JNB is often involved in the design stages of DI and WFI system retrofit and new installations. Many of these systems are poorly designed from the start. Value water system engineering can also have an impact on the final system product.

Proper system design is essential in avoidance of potential system deficiencies. JNB will follow projects through the design and installation phases and is also experienced with system commissioning and validation.